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Here's your chance to win a Pokemon Hat!

:iconamaze-inghats: is doing a giveaway here -…

Examples of hats -

Amaze-ing Raichu Hat by Amaze-ingHats Amaze-ing Mudkip Hat by Amaze-ingHats Amaze-ing Pikachu Hat by Amaze-ingHats
Amaze-ing Snorlax Hat by Amaze-ingHats Amaze-ing Turtwig Hat by Amaze-ingHats Amaze-ing Squirtle Hat by Amaze-ingHats
I made adjustments to older folders and made some new folders
We now have
"Pokemon hats 2"

"Handmade goods 2" for clay creations, badges, pearler beads, candles, house decor, papercrafts, sculptures. (basically crafts)

"Pokemon plushies 2"

"Jewelry and accessories" for bracelets,necklaces,hair bows and ears, cosplay accessories


Please continue to submit your submissions into the correct folders! Your diligence makes us happy!
If you cannot find the right folder, submit it into featured and we will direct you to the correct folder followed by a short message.
:iconblankspotplz:If you have not heard yet, Nintendo Direct has
:iconblankspotplz:released new footage for a new Pokemon game.
:iconblankspotplz:With beautiful graphics and an entirely new storyline.
:iconblankspotplz: Get ready for a game like never before!

:iconblankspotplz::iconpikalaplz:I have some links with further info~:iconpikalaplz:

:iconblankspotplz:Screenshots ->…  :iconblankspotplz:  Polygon (video announcement here) ->…
:iconblankspotplz:IGN news ->… :iconblankspotplz: YouTube : TheJWittz ->…
:iconblankspotplz:Kotaku ->… :iconblankspotplz: Youtube :Nintendo Direct video ->…


I have also added new folders
Pixel art
Pokemon people = drawings only (no cosplay in this folder)
stickers (decals as well)
Pins and buttons
Necklaces and bracelets
phone cases

Do not submit otherwise please. If it does not look like it belongs in that folder please ask if you have any questions or concerns.

PokeWear accepts either drawn or handmade Pokemon goods (as long as it is Pokemon related)
Any of the following is allowed : Hats, Backpacks, Buttons/ Pins, Handmade plush ( no store purchased plushies please) cosplays of Pokemon, Necklaces/bracelets,Handmade goods(includes pokemon charms for necklaces) Handmade skirts/shirts(clothing), Your Pokemon team, Fanart (no nudity), Clay sculptures, and stickers.
I hope you all will have a wonderful and peaceful evening with either family or friends.

Submit any holiday themed Pokemon art into the holiday art  folder :D
Lets see your holiday goodness!

I have also added new folders
Holiday art
Pixel art
Pokemon people = drawings only (no cosplay in this folder)